This is a sample I did of the Bresser Messier AR-80/900 telescope. I found a CAD model online and converted the machine to be used in 3DS Max and applied VRay materials on it. I then took the model and placed it in a virtual studio, arranged lights around the telescope and rendered it into the shots you see here. The still images I posted are all rendered and retouched by myself.
I then took the model and animated a camera around the machine and animated it to break apart and come back together again. Once the renders were complete, I took that footage into After Effects and animated the callouts and extra graphics into each scene.
The Bresser Corporation is a Germany-based manufacturer of binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. I did this sample because I love the idea of looking beyond the stars. I also love the look of a good telescope. This one in particular is an awesome device that has a number of different options and addons.

Bresser Messier AR-80/900 Optical Tube with with German EQ Sky Mount and Tripod. 900mm f/11.2; 1.25″ 25mm, 9mm, 4mm Plossl eyepieces; and Crosshair Finder

“The Cosmos extends, for all practical purposes, forever. After a brief sedentary hiatus, we are resuming our ancient nomadic way of life. Our remote descendants, safely arrayed on many worlds throughout the Solar System and beyond, will be unified by their common heritage, by their regard for their home planet, and by the knowledge that, whatever other life may be, the only humans in all the Universe come from Earth. They will gaze up and strain to find the blue dot in their skies. They will love it no less for its obscurity and fragility.”
― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
To me the idea of traveling into space is an awesome one. I just hope that one day our species will find a way to travel among the stars and visit new planets.
It’s asking for coordinates on x-, y- and z-axes to locate a point in space relative to its terminal. How did you dream this? – Explorers 1985